Fish and axles

Rear axle is back from the specialist. It seemed to be a very wise decision to bring the axle to a specialist. There was a lot wrong with it and it was likely that things would have gone wrong during first runs.  Still not very happy with it but we will do  some runs first and see if the changed ratio works as we expect.

  New parts arrived earlier this week, amongst them new fabricated valve covers. They are wide enough to fit the Jesel shaft mounted rocker system and now we can use studs and wing nuts instead of bolts. There are a lot of cheap Chinese crap valve covers on the market but they will leak. These ones are the best I could find which fitted my needs, but I do not like the Chevrolet logo on it. You know it’s a Ford!

And as we were in IJmuiden to pick up the axle at Pro Gear, you must visit the local  fish shop and eat some fish.

New tires arrived also: