Who is the boss?

Braking is not the strongest point of the Taunus. In front we have Volvo 240 calipers with 4 pistons each side and vented disks (Girling type). But Taunus did not brake very well during first runs. After taking the calipers out, we discovered that saveral pistons did not move due to rust in the cylinders. I took me several hours to get them going again, but I won and they move free now.

I also spent a lot of time to find out how to upgrade the 240 brakes.  For now I will keep the 240 brakes, clean them , install new seals, and fit a pair of racing brake pads. Ordered them in Great Brittain. We will see how it brakes next race. Otherwise I will have to do an upgrade, maybe Mazda Rx7 or Toyota Supra.