There is no room for a normal airfilter on the turbo.  So we use a screen. You can buy these screens but you can also make one yourself from a houshold siev.

Obviously a turbo needs a lot of air, more then we thought. During first race we fitted an extra nylon panty, but that was to much. The turbo sucked the filter almost into the turbo. See the hole in it. So keep little children and small animals away from the Taunus, otherwise they might be sucked into the turbo!

We also finished the work on the brakes. We had to adjust the pedaltravel inside the car (by the way: beautiful crafted by the previous owner and fully adjustable) and tried several settings of the propotional brake valve , but at the end the brakes at the front and the rear work. But we can only say if for sure on the track.  It was a lot of work!

Front fenders are from polyester. We fastened them with some extra dzuss fasteners, because otherwise the fenders mightt come lose during high speed and we do not want to see the front flying through the air.