Preparing for next race

Next race, 17/18/19 august, we want to do some serious runs. I studied the datalogging output file from the first test runs and found out that there are some software issues. First the solenoid shifter does not work because it does not get any signal from the Ecu. Alain did some research at the Autronic forum and found the solution in the software settings. Next saturday we are goin to test it.  Second problem is that there is no rev limiter working when we press the transbrake button (two step). Again searching the forum and we found the answer. We need to change some wiring from the transbrake and change some settings in the software. Then it should work. If we have the transbrake rev limiting working it is also possible to get the “launch control” working, which means we  can retard the timing during launch so that the turbo spins up faster.  It took some time, but I begin to understand the basics of the software.