The day after: 9.3 secs@248kmh

Back home from a succesfull weekend testing with the Taunus. Best time (we made 9 runs or so) was 9.3 secs and 248 kph!!. Not bad at all and the good thing is the Taunus runs straight. No need for spoilers and even at high speed (almost 250 kph) Taunus feels good. Braking now is far better and Taunus will stop in time, but better not go faster with these brakes. I used the chute rest of the weekend.

60ft times are bad (1.6), but without launch control this is ok. We did not test it with launch control, and the launch was set at only  4.000 rpm so low boost. Next time more rpm and the use of a launch control and 60ft should go faster so at the end we will run in the 8secs.

But heat is an issue. The water in the radiator starts get to hot (above 110 degr. celcius) while in the engine it stays below 100 degr. The reason for that is probably the heat coming from the Turbo and the intercooler. They heat up the readiator because there are no heat shields or whatever to protect the radiator. Best solution is to put the radiator in the trunk, which we will do and we think the problem is solved then. This heat problem forced us to do only one run on sunday. We went home before eleminations started.

Because of the heat issue we made a run withoud the hood. This did however not solve the heat issue enough.But overall we are very satisfied and the Taunus gets lot of attention. People do not expect that an almost stock looking Taunus goes that fast!

4 gedachtes over “The day after: 9.3 secs@248kmh

  1. Great runs guys. With the 9.33 that you ran this weekend and the possibilities still available, this car will definitely see 8 second time slips.

  2. Hi!

    I’m glad to se you have made some runs with speed 🙂
    I think you will make som nice 8sec runs next time.

    About the launchcontrol and so, one thing you could do is to setup a switch on the brakepedal for a low rpm revlimiter thats activate when you go in to pre stage that will make a little boost and then when you are in stage you aktivate lunchcontroll and transbrake, I think that will give you a quick boost on the startline. It will be like a 3-step.


  3. Hello Klabbe,

    Everywhere we go we get compliments abouit the engine. You did a fantastic job.
    And I am very glad the Taunus goes straight, which was my biggest concern.

    Your idea about the three step sounds interesting and logical. The Autronic has only two rev limiters pre defined, so have to look at the forum how to setup a third one. Or do you now how to setup a three step?

    This weekend we visit Tierp Arena to watch the races and talk to the turbo guys how they deal with the heat issue. Maybe a Turbo blanket and some heat wrap around the down pipe is enough. Also a bit more room between the radiator and the intercooler would help so that the heat can get away.

    Anyway we are very satisfied with the Taunus. We have only some minor problems (solenoid shifter still does not work, software problem).

    Thanks for you comment and advice. Appreciate it.


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