’66 Ford Mustang VS ’65 Ford Taunus

The European (German) Ford Taunus P5 was build from 1964 to 1967. The US developed and build Ford Mustang was build from 1964 to 1966, so same period. It seems that they did not know from each other what they where doing. Both cars are about the same size but they had completely different looks. The Mustang: long hood and short trunk. The Taunus: short hood and long trunk. However the Mustang did not came as a sedan, the basic model was a coupe while in ’66 the fastback was released. The basic Taunus version was a 4 door sedan and the coupe was the exlusive version: only a couple of thousends where made and only a couple of hundreds survived.


However the instrument panel looks the same. Both one big clock and 4 smaller ones.

Up: Taunus. Down: Mustang