RX7 Brake upgrade (1)

The Taunus has standard Volvo 240 brakes. They are not bad, but I can only stop just in time. No reserve left.

As I do not want to spend a lot of money (we rather put the money in accelerating in stead of braking!) and considering the limited space we have with the 15 inch wheels, I bought a set of Mazda RX7 Turbo II calipers (RX-7 FC3S) on Ebay. They are re-manufactured and unused. These 4 pot calipers are all aluminium and therefore a lot lighter.  And now we can use bigger rotors from a 940 Volvo. They are 287 mm in diameter against 263 mm for the 240 ones. Thickness is the same: 22mm.

To put them on the 240 spindles you need an adapter  bracket. You can buy the in the US, but I think I can easily make them myself from a piece of aluminium.

The calipers will arrive in a couple of weeks (I hope) and then I will fabricate the adapter brackets and buy rotors (should be grooved and drilled for better cooling) and some race brake pads. But before ordering these parts I have to test fit the calipers first m to see if they fit.

rx7 remmen1

Adapter kit:


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