Brake conversion done!

Brake upgrade is almost done. As you know I replaced the the Volvo 240 calipers to Mazda RX7 turbo II calipers. It as a lot of work: brackets had to be made, finding the parts took hours and hours, making the parts fit was also time consuming.  The only thing that did fit was the brake line. I could use the previous brake line and connect it to the Mazda caliper without problems. We first converted the right side and after that the left side was done in just a couple of hours.

The volvo Caliper has two brake lines attached to it and the Mazda uses only one. This means you have to disconnect one line and we did it using a bleeder screw you can also find on your home heating radiator.

Still to do: longer wheelstuds,  adjusting the front and rear brakes with the proportioning valve and of course testing.