Jade Race Germany

As we had handling problems during the first race this year, we checked the 4-link setup and decided to reduce the turbo boost. This helped, and the Taunus made some straight runs but with lower boost we did not reach super times. 9.4@242kph was our best.

And we mounted a camera in the trunk to see what the rear axle does, which gives a spectacular view:

For the next race we will work further on the boost set up, because we want lower boost at the start but more in second gear. I already made a button on the shifter, so that we can set up a different boost curve in second gear. But that is easyer said then done, because the software is very difficult and I do not know yet how to set this up. I have to study the Aurtronic Ecu manual again and hope that I can find out how this is done.












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