First testing.

This weekend we did 4 demo runs at a non prepared regular racetrack during the American Day Festival.

1st run was bad, cold track, cold tires etc. Second better and then the 4th run was real good. But no time slips because the timing equipment did not work. But it felt and it looks very fast. Watch the vid.

tarzan bocht reerink_02 IMG_20150419_145710 11174868_869987906381724_7523989977396275435_n 11156330_870468466333668_1324229437946842227_n 10356691_781470991960971_6454228348212891245_n SAMSUNG CSC

Preparing for next weekend.

Next week we will give a demo at the American day festival in Zandvoort. We use that to do some testing. Hopefully the setup change of the 4-link will work.

We also started the engine for the first time this year, and no problem. click, start….


Bye Bye Vega

The Vega is recently sold and will go to Sweden. The guy who bought it raced a Vega funny car in those days. Now he is re-entering with my Vega. We picked up the Vega from its storage and now it is standing next to the Taunus waiting for the travel to Sweden. Bye bye Vega, have a good time there in Sweden. We will miss you!



Last week we were still busy with the 4-link suspension (and other things, like the solenoid shifter). Next week we will put the Taunus on weight scales and make a proper setup of the 4-link suspensioen, with the help of Stepaside Dragrace Parts.